Tamil Naadu Edible Oils Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading refined sunflower oil manufacturers in the city. The crude sunflower oil is refined in the most perfect and organized manner as follow:

  • step1:

    Gum conditioning and Neutralization: Gums and unwanted fatty acids present in the crude sunflower oil are removed

  • step2:

    Bleaching: The colour of the neutralized sunflower oil is reduced in this step

  • step3:

    De-Waxing: The wax content present in the bleached oil is filtered out in this step.

  • step4:

    Deodorization: Unwanted odour and colouring pigments present in the de-waxed oil are removed in this step.

The final deodorized oil is filtered; antioxidants and vitamins are added. The refined sunflower oil is then sent for packing.

It is to be noted that the entire process is automated without any manual intervention.